Dearest ones,

Many of you will have realised that Thea has been ‘Missing in Action’ for quite sometime now-well over a month. And in this absence is quite the tale, though Thea’s latest experiences will take longer than just a few days to settle, become part of who Thea is. Needless to say much time has been spent on the Mainland, amongst the great and the good, the not-so-great and the downright bad. But it has all been fun, exhausting and in some ways for Thea at least cathartic. Sometimes we have to go back to move forward, and it is this momentum that I am hoping the Penguins will help me harness.

So my dear loyal followers, stick with Thea. As we move into this special time of year, and all around on the Island the air is cooling, the leaves are falling, we pause to remember( for me Easter is always about remembrance). Remember friends made and lost, journeys taken and abandoned, love in all it’s wonderful forms. Remember the places that make our hearts sing, and those that make us weep. Remember.



2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Thea…Remembrance

  1. Welcome back Thea! While the quotes have been thought provoking/inspirational/memorable, your own voice has been missed by those who enjoy your witty and insightful commentary on love, literature and life. Happy Easter and welcome “home”. Good to have you back!

    1. Why thank YOU dear Roy the Fish….I have missed all my penguins so much. As with all experiences my recent absence has only added to life’s rich tapestry and made this bibliotherapist only too aware of what she loves to do, and who she wants to be!

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